Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels


Chemical peels improve skin texture and firmness, decreasing fine lines and wrinkles. Peels also even out skin tone, improve acne-prone skin and reduce pore size appearance.

Want to know more about professional peels? Especially glycolic acid, lactic acid, salicylic acid and mandelic acid

Peels are also known as chemical exfoliation using glycolic acid, lactic acid, salicylic acid and mandelic acid. These types of peels treat the superficial layer of the skin known as the epidermis. On the epidermis we see fine lines form, pigmentation and sun spots, pitting from old acne, scars old and new, blotches and dullness. These peels are great for instantly brightening the top layer of the skin whilst smoothing all the concerns mentioned. Peels can be quite tingly on the skin and range in different percentages and strengths.  They are also known as AHAs and BHAs which is a mixture of the acids together. For best results we recommend courses of peels, usually 3-6 is sufficient for desired results.

Glycolic acid comes in different strengths and PH levels which will determine how deep it goes into the skin, this peel best treats wrinkles and sun damage. It is also the most ‘aggressive’ peel as the molecules are the smallest and penetrate the quickest, so the results tend to be the best and the side effects more exaggerated than with the other peels, i.e. intense tingling and redness.

Lactic acid is the gentlest of the peels and is best for dry, rosacea and sensitive skins, as it is derived from milk. It best suits older, thinner skin.

Salicylic acid penetrates deeper into the oil glands so it is best for oily and acne skins. Out of all the peels available salicylic is your go to peel for blackheads, milia, scabs and breakouts. Any blemishes tend to go ‘cloudy’ and white which means they are starting to heal rapidly.


Mandelic Acid is the most versatile of the peels, as it can be used on any skin type and condition and colour (dark skin) which is contraindicated with the other peels. The molecules are quite large and so the feeling of tingle, redness and downtime is very minimum. Mandelic is derived from nuts but Juliette Armand Mandelic Acid is a synthetic form of the acid and is therefore suitable for those with nut allergies. It is best to start with a lower percentage of the peels named and work your way to stronger percentages for best results.

Pregnancy is contra-indicated for all peels because the skin turns quite sensitive and the client may even burn from a peel, avoid at all costs. Other factors such as herpes, medication, cancer patients and severely sensitive skins are also contra-indicated. Most clients will benefit from peels but we always need to go back to the Fitzpatrick scale, which is skin colour classification on skin pigmentation as some skin colours are not suitable for certain peels.

Overall the benefits of peels are positive and the changes to the skin are dramatic and instant. Everyone over 30 should be getting peels done in the salon to prevent deep wrinkles from forming and pigmentation getting darker. In order to keep the skin looking fresh and even toned an SPF must always be used after a peel to prevent further pigmentation.


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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

I had a CACI Facial at Indulgence and all I can say is WOW!!! The results are truly amazing, really visible improvements even after one facial. I would highly recommend everyone to try it. Seema is such a professional, I would highly recommend this Salon.

Maria Burns

I had a fantastic experience at Indulgence Laser and Beauty. Seema done a wonderful job of my lashes and spray tan in the lead up to the Miss Ireland Finals. Highly recommend this Salon!
Thank you Seema! 

Jennie Carr

Had 2 Dibi Milano fascials WOW!!!! what a difference to my skin. I couldn't believe the results. Most of my redness is gone. The texture of my skin is smoother and more even. Can't recommend it enough. Seema and her team are very friendly and professional. Will definitely be back

Dawn Howard

I have been here couple of times for eyebrows and waxing & many other services...staff were welcoming and energetic everytime... seema is a wonderful lady ...must visit there...

Neha Taneja

Brilliant service as always. All safety guidelines adhered to in the salon. Thank you Seema.


Absolutely can't recommend Seema highly enough. Excellent knowledge of treatments and plans to tailor to your specific skin needs. Im addicted to the new skin treatments she introduces on a regular basis, always keeping up to date with the latest innovations. Thank u.


Even with all the thoughts of covid and socially distancing, my experience was really lovely and relaxing, can't think of Seema and the girls any more highly! Would definitely recommend.


Delighted to have my treatment done today everything was super clean and fully complaint with COVID regulations.


Excellent and friendly service as always. Also very clean and safe.
Highly recommend the vitamin C facial. Seema is an excellent therapist & very professional. The salon is spotless, with all safety guidelines adhered to. Will be back . Thank you seema


Fantastic service as always. Thank you
I was very impressed by Seema's attention to detail and spotless salon. love my brows and tinted lashes.


Fantastic as always, even under the current circumstances. Cannot recommend the Caci facial highly enough. Seema asks what areas do you want to be worked on so you know your getting the most out of your experience. Thanks again.


Very nice professional staff
Delighted with my treatment


Very professional, was put at ease immediately.
The experience was first class.
Would recommend highly.


Well prepared thank you Siema felt safe.



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