What is 4D-Sculpt and How Does it Work?

What is 4D-Sculpt and How Does it Work?

4D-Sculpt is a highly effective non-surgical fat reduction & skin tightening machine which provides ultrasound cavitation & vacuum-assisted radiofrequency treatments for both body & face.


4D-Sculpt provides  lifting, plumping & skin rejuvenation for the face,lip pumping & hand rejuvenation plus instant inch loss, spectacular body sculpting, , dramatic cellulite reduction, the industry-renowned and instant ‘non-invasive face-lift’ alongside the high demand Brazilian Butt Lift’ treatments your clients are clamouring for. All treatments are completely pain-free and highly effective, the 4D-Sculpt now also delivers faster treatment times than ever before with improved comfort for our customers.

Ultrasound cavitation uses low-frequency sound waves to selectively damage the membranes of the fat cells (selectively meaning only these structures are affected and none of the surrounding tissues) this causes the cell to spill its contents into the subcutaneous layer, radiofrequency then assists the body’s own lymphatic drainage system to pick up this fatty liquid for metabolism via your liver & kidneys, then finally elimination through the urinary system (Drinking lots of water & exercising after treatment are essential to assist in these processes)

The inch loss gained from 4DS is as permanent as inch loss gained via surgical liposuction & the cells treated will never grow back again. However, the remaining cells can still expand if the individual continues overeating.

Radiofrequency heats the deeper structures of the skin to high temperatures which increases the cell turnover & the production of skin hydrating hyaluronic acid, whilst also breaking down old brittle collagen fibres & stimulating the production of new fresh collagen & elastin to give the skin a firmer, plumper & more youthful appearance.

Vacuum therapy assists with the elimination processes & also allows for the targeted restructuring of collagen & elastin fibres so the therapist can sculpt the skin structures into a more plumped, lifted & flattering appearance.


Which Areas Can Be Treated? 

Most areas of the body can be treated, but our 4D Cavi Inch Loss Treatments are especially effective in combating fatty deposits in the following areas :-

  •  Stomach (Abdomen)
  •  Hips and buttocks
  •  Upper & Lower back fat
  •  Flanks
  •  Baby bulge
  •  Male breasts (Gynecomastia)

Legs (inner and outer thighs, calves)

What Happens When I Come For Treatment?

Your 4D Cavi experience will begin with a FREE consultation. During this we will discuss the areas of your body you would like to improve, the likely length of treatment required and how those areas will be targeted by the treatments. Following the consultation and the completion of a medical questionnaire, the targeted fatty area will then be accurately measured and recorded to enable us to monitor your progress. The treatments will then commence as follows :- Treatment gel will be applied to the treatment area. This ensures optimal transmission of the Ultrasonic energy and lubricates the treatment head as it passes over your skin. The 4D Cavi treatment will then begin. During the treatment, your therapist will move the treatment head across the treated area using our unique patterns. These have been specially developed through months of in-clinic testing on real people to ensure optimal application of the dual modulation 4D Cavi ultrasonic energy. After treatment, the area will be cleaned and dried, then the treated area will be re-measured to assess the inch-loss achieved. You can expect to see a reduction of between 1.5 and 8 inches across all areas (3.25 and 20cm’s) with a single treatment! In order to increase the body’s ability to remove the Triglycerides (the contents released from the fat cells in the treated area), it is necessary to assist this natural process by increasing the metabolic rate through some form of cardio vascular exercise.

Where does the fat go?

Ultra safe, high frequency (ultrasonic) sound waves are generated and transmitted into the area to be treated. This energy is in two specific modulations resulting in a dual effect (2×2 = 4D Cavi!). The first effect is the creation of low pressure bubbles within the fat cells. This causes the fat cells to swell and relax, resulting in rupture of the cell membrane. This releases the fats and water into the lymphatic and venous system as a readily available source of fuel for the body. The second modulation causes a positive pressure wave through the interstitial space, promoting accelerated lymphatic drainage, to accelerate the results beyond anything you may have experienced before! If you want to treat a specific area, such as thighs or bottom, speak to one of our staff to find out more about our special combined “Aesthetic” treatment packages.

Is it painful or uncomfortable?

Not at all, a high pitched ringing in the ears will be experienced during cavitation & a sensation of warmth from the radio frequency. Plus if vacuum mode is used a suction pressure is experienced.

How soon can I see results?

Most clients see a noticeable reduction immediately after their very first treatment, 1 – 2 inches or more depending on the treatment area. The process of fat removal continues for 7 days so it isn’t unusual to see a further loss. (Note – sometimes an area can actually increase in size after treatment – this is due to swelling from the traumatisation of fat cells & will quickly subside)

Do I need to exercise?

Yes, it is very important to exercise briskly for at least 30 mins and preferably within six hours after your treatment, this helps to metabolise & burn off the released fatty liquids preventing them from being reabsorbed into the remaining adjacent fat cells. . For those who are not able to, or simply do not enjoy “normal exercise, We recommend vibration plate-based exercise as a low impact method of increasing your heart rate and rapidly burning calories (fuel). You must exercise for at least 30 minutes between each of your 4D Cavi Ultrasonic Inch Loss treatments to ensure you achieve optimal results. If you don’t want to, or simply can’t exercise, you should consider our Fat Freezing treatment instead.

Is there any preparation or aftercare requirements?

Yes, in the day before & after and on the day of your treatment you must up your intake of water to at least 1 or preferably 2 litres per day to assist your body to eliminate the released fats – Alcohol & caffeinated or fizzy drinks must also be avoided, and high fat or high carbohydrate or salty foods must be limited so your liver is free to concentrate on metabolising the released fats. Do not fast or binge eat prior to your sessions as this will affect your body’s ability to metabolise the fats.

How many treatments can I have and how should I space them?

We recommend a course of six treatments per area, these should be taken at a rate of two per week without any gaps in the treatment schedule. At least 48 hours is needed between each treatment to allow for fats to be metabolised.

More than one course of treatment may be administered in the same area or different areas of the body but only one area can be treated at a time.

Are there any side effects?

You may need to urinate more frequently & you may feel a burst of restlessness after treatment due to the fat/energy that has been released into your system. There may be some reddening of the skin which will subside within 24 hours.

Is it suitable for everyone?

No, some conditions will mean you are unsuitable for treatment or may need a doctors letter of clearance –

During pregnancy & the three months after childbirth, whilst breastfeeding or in the 6 months following a Caesarean section. Three months after any surgical procedure or until completely healed.

High cholesterol level, liver or kidney disease or disorder.Epilepsy or Diabetes.

Heart condition or thrombosis, Pacemaker, Metal implants (except contraceptive coil) hearing aid that cannot be removed, any joint replacement or prosthesis, body piercings in the treatment area that cannot be removed.

Cancer (now or in the past) Thyroid disease or any other hormonal disorder.HIV or Aids.

Fever, Alcohol or drug abuse, autoimmune conditions or auto immune suppressive medications.

Medications to control nervous disorders or mental health conditions.

Broken bones, Swollen joints, skin disorders or bruising in the treatment area.

If you are taking any regularly prescribed medications we may need a doctor’s clearance prior to treatment.

Will The Fat Cells Refill Or Come Back?

Fat cells ruptured via cavitation inch loss treatment will never grow back, so results gained are as permanent as with those from surgical liposuction. If you carry on with your new healthy lifestyle (portion controlled meals and regular exercise). After a period of 4-8 months, the body will naturally breakdown and remove the ruptured and unused fat cells.However, if an individual continues to overeat/under exercise the remaining fat cell can still increase in size as is also the case with surgical liposuction.

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Maria Burns

I had a fantastic experience at Indulgence Laser and Beauty. Seema done a wonderful job of my lashes and spray tan in the lead up to the Miss Ireland Finals. Highly recommend this Salon!
Thank you Seema! 

Jennie Carr

Had 2 Dibi Milano fascials WOW!!!! what a difference to my skin. I couldn't believe the results. Most of my redness is gone. The texture of my skin is smoother and more even. Can't recommend it enough. Seema and her team are very friendly and professional. Will definitely be back

Dawn Howard

I have been here couple of times for eyebrows and waxing & many other services...staff were welcoming and energetic everytime... seema is a wonderful lady ...must visit there...

Neha Taneja

Brilliant service as always. All safety guidelines adhered to in the salon. Thank you Seema.


Absolutely can't recommend Seema highly enough. Excellent knowledge of treatments and plans to tailor to your specific skin needs. Im addicted to the new skin treatments she introduces on a regular basis, always keeping up to date with the latest innovations. Thank u.


Even with all the thoughts of covid and socially distancing, my experience was really lovely and relaxing, can't think of Seema and the girls any more highly! Would definitely recommend.


Delighted to have my treatment done today everything was super clean and fully complaint with COVID regulations.


Excellent and friendly service as always. Also very clean and safe.
Highly recommend the vitamin C facial. Seema is an excellent therapist & very professional. The salon is spotless, with all safety guidelines adhered to. Will be back . Thank you seema


Fantastic service as always. Thank you
I was very impressed by Seema's attention to detail and spotless salon. love my brows and tinted lashes.


Fantastic as always, even under the current circumstances. Cannot recommend the Caci facial highly enough. Seema asks what areas do you want to be worked on so you know your getting the most out of your experience. Thanks again.


Very nice professional staff
Delighted with my treatment


Very professional, was put at ease immediately.
The experience was first class.
Would recommend highly.


Well prepared thank you Siema felt safe.



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